Sunday, January 23, 2011

L-O, L-O, L-O, L-O-V-E

Just flashin' back to when Ashley Simpson-Wentz was just Ashley Simpson and was trying to be a pop star like her big sis.  Totally burned the CD for myself.....what?  She had some catchy tunes o.k.  Anyway, now that you're done judging, here is a quick peek at a reeeally cheap, reeeally quick V-day craft I did.  You see, Hubby surprised me with a Silhouette for Christmas.  We weren't getting each other anything, and I thought he had kept up his end of this deal until I walked downstairs at his parents' Christmas morning and a present juuust the right size was sitting there staring at me.  The tag read, "To:Brooke From: Santa".....riiight.  I gave him my best glare while jumping and screaming inside because I knew what had to be in there.  Alright, so this is turning into a sidebar...anywho, I got a Silhouette and have been trying to figure out how to use it and all of it's fancy features.  I bought some vinyl right after I got it.  I also found a set of 4 silver chargers for $2.50 at Target after Christmas.  $2.50!!  They're just light little buggers, and perfect for 4-letter words I want the world to read....not THOSE kind of 4-letter words. Anyway, for this lovey dovey season I took the obvious choice and cut some lovely loopy letters from white vinyl and slapped them on the chargers.  Here they sit in our entertainment center thingy from IKEA. (Don't love, or even like it anymore, but that's a whole different post)
(Sorry about the glare...these chargers are SHINY!)

Psst...They're propped up against some of Hubby's pint glasses.  What? I wanted them just floating in there, not on plate stands or anything, so he rigged something up for me.  Quick little Valentine's craft.   And here's a peek at my cord-ruined top shelves of the entertainment center.  I got all of the milk glass for our wedding reception and the little I (heart) You vases in the dollar spot at Target.  I stuck in some Dollar Tree flowers and there ya go.  Quick and El Cheapo.  Now, to bug Hubby about hiding those cords again because they're reeeally bugging me now that you've all seen them.  

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