Thursday, March 17, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

So....I'm a little embarrassed at how long it's been since I've posted.  Let's blame the following things:
pneumonia, bronchitis, moving my classroom in one day, sick husband, and Spring Break in Vegas.  Anyway, I'm Ba-ack.  With an Awkward & Awesome.


  • Waiting with my ultra-conservative grandma in the waiting room at the doctor's office, and her asking to borrow my magazine to read...Then looking over and seeing her staring at an article on "Kinky Sex"....yikes.
  • Calling my cell phone service Help Center during my bout with pneumonia and bronchitis and having them address me, "Hello, Mr. Curtis."  Thank you, I have a cold alright!
  • Letting my students out at the end of the day and being the only kindergarten teacher down there.  A parent of one of the other teachers' yelling, "Hey, didn't I see you at the casino last night?"  Um, no.  That was my sister...
  • Hubby getting yelled at on the plane to Vegas for using the "Flight Attendant Help Button" as a drink service button.
  • Going to Vegas with our bestest best couple friends.
  • Getting a BRAND NEW classroom in our school's new addition.
  • Taking the kids out to see the new classroom the last day before Spring Break, and seeing them dance around in the sunlight and act like it was the greatest day in their whole lives.  Nearly brought tears to my eyes how excited they were.
  • On the same visit to our "new home" one of my little nuggets saying, "OH, MY GOSH!  They left us white board spray!"
  • Finding out my sister is moving to the city I live in!  I have missed her so much since I went away to college, then she went away.  It will be so great to have her near me.

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

My Valentine is.....


A Dog Lover,

 A Good Cook,

Sweet to Me, 

and Perfect for Me.

I love you, Mr. Curtis!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Awkward & Awesome


  • One of my students describing how he pointed me out to his grandpa..."Yeah, I told him you were the one in the dress with that black line down the middle of your hair."  Thank you, now let me just go call the salon.  Yikes.
  • Whenever Hubby and I go through a drive-thru he orders and says, "We'll take that to go" just to embarrass me.
  • Going down an aisle in Target to get something, and someone is standing right in front of the exact thing that you need, so you wait patiently behind them...and wait...and wait..and then suddenly you're the creepy girl that's been looking over their shoulder for 12 minutes.  Sheesh I just need some deodorant, Lady.
  • One of my students leaving in the middle of the day during music class.  I went to make sure his mom had signed the sign-out sheet and under "Reason for singing out" she wrote, "Accident in pants."  Thank you.  "Ill" would have done it.
  • (This one is from Hubby) One of the guys he shares an office with walked in the other morning, unzipped his coat only to realize that all he was wearing under his winter coat was a reeally short, really thin white t-shirt.  He forgot to change after scooping the walk, or so he says.


  • Girl. Scout. Cookies.  Enough said. (Eee can't wait!)
  • Planning a Spring Break trip to Vegas with our best, bestest couple friends.  Jabbawockeez show included!
  • Even getting a Spring Break even as an adult
  • Snow days as an adult. (2 this week!)
  • Braving the cold and blizzard conditions to go to Target and walking smack-dab into the swimwear...which reminded me of our Spring Break trip.  
  • Watching American Idol with Hubby and having him sing with the contestants, then asking me to judge him.  "Where was I on a scale from Rihanna to Cooper (our dog)?"
And, an Awkward & Awesome photo for your viewing pleasure:

(Hubby was foolin' around during our pictures and I wanted to be D-O-N-E, so I gave him a little Love Slap Tap.)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

L-O, L-O, L-O, L-O-V-E

Just flashin' back to when Ashley Simpson-Wentz was just Ashley Simpson and was trying to be a pop star like her big sis.  Totally burned the CD for myself.....what?  She had some catchy tunes o.k.  Anyway, now that you're done judging, here is a quick peek at a reeeally cheap, reeeally quick V-day craft I did.  You see, Hubby surprised me with a Silhouette for Christmas.  We weren't getting each other anything, and I thought he had kept up his end of this deal until I walked downstairs at his parents' Christmas morning and a present juuust the right size was sitting there staring at me.  The tag read, "To:Brooke From: Santa".....riiight.  I gave him my best glare while jumping and screaming inside because I knew what had to be in there.  Alright, so this is turning into a sidebar...anywho, I got a Silhouette and have been trying to figure out how to use it and all of it's fancy features.  I bought some vinyl right after I got it.  I also found a set of 4 silver chargers for $2.50 at Target after Christmas.  $2.50!!  They're just light little buggers, and perfect for 4-letter words I want the world to read....not THOSE kind of 4-letter words. Anyway, for this lovey dovey season I took the obvious choice and cut some lovely loopy letters from white vinyl and slapped them on the chargers.  Here they sit in our entertainment center thingy from IKEA. (Don't love, or even like it anymore, but that's a whole different post)
(Sorry about the glare...these chargers are SHINY!)

Psst...They're propped up against some of Hubby's pint glasses.  What? I wanted them just floating in there, not on plate stands or anything, so he rigged something up for me.  Quick little Valentine's craft.   And here's a peek at my cord-ruined top shelves of the entertainment center.  I got all of the milk glass for our wedding reception and the little I (heart) You vases in the dollar spot at Target.  I stuck in some Dollar Tree flowers and there ya go.  Quick and El Cheapo.  Now, to bug Hubby about hiding those cords again because they're reeeally bugging me now that you've all seen them.  

Friday, January 21, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

A little late, but.....


  • One of my students proclaiming, "My mommy makes milk from her chest for my baby brother.  Can you do that?"
  • Slipping on the wet floor walking into work, and looking up to see the creepy, old janitor (sorry, the stereotype rings true here) chuckling to himself.
  • People sitting around the "Teachers' Lounge" table where people place random goodies.  Someone tries some homemade caramel corn someone had put there and goes, "Yuck, that tastes burnt."  Then another co-worker grabbing the bag and mumbling, "Thanks," under her breath.
  • Coming home late from work to Hubby bustling around doing laundry AND dishes!  Be still my heart.
  • Hubby treating our 6 month anniversary like the most special day in the world.  Complete with mushy "I love you" 's and I'm so glad we're married Wifey. 
  • The above mentioned student telling me, I like your dress, and your hair, and your necklace.  You know, you just look pretty today Mrs. Curtis.  *Melt*
  • My puppies snuggling me when I was sick this week.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Be Still My Heart

As an elementary school teacher, it's hard not to think of Candy Hearts, homemade card boxes, and hand-written cards when it comes to Valentine's Day.  For my own home, however, I'd like to keep it more classic and adult, and a little less like Candy Hearts have exploded all over my house.  So begin my February Projects.  

(Sidenote: I'm as shocked as you that I'm actually starting projects longer than 3 days before the actual holiday/season.  Just go with it, o.k.!?)

So, in the works:

  • A twist on the coffee filter wreath
  • Interesting vase fillers/toppers
  • Framed Art
  • O.K., O.K. a few candy hearts exploding projects (Couldn't completely abandon my teacher side)
Stay tuned for these projects and more!

Just for fun....


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Furniture Fixation

I am fixated on getting new furniture.  The only thing I can think about is overhauling our living room.  I'm so over the blah beige that is our main living space.  Tan walls, tan couch, tan carpet, tan curtains.  Does it sound as boring as it feels?  I must admit, I picked tan furniture, and I do have some decor in this room I like, but I'm definitely ready for a Major Style Overhaul in this space.  I'm thinking a nice blue on the walls, white furniture, and some yellow accents.  Something like this:
 Damask Rug: 3 Colors AvailableProduct Image Mum Pillow - Blue

I'm in love with the mirror below:

Or maybe, light walls, gray furniture, with yellow and silver accents like this:
Henry Sofa, Cotton Basketweave, Slate Soho Dhurri Rug: 9 Colors AvailableHENNY RAND Cushion cover gray, white/brown Length: 16 " Width: 24 "  Length: 40 cm Width: 60 cm  Dwell Studio Dwellstudio For Target Yellow Rosettes Decorative Pillow
Just can't decide!  I guess I have some time to think about it since Hubby isn't sold on getting new furniture.  Did I mention he drug his old, hideous BROWN recliner up from the garage.  He needed a "Comfy Chair"....Yeah, well this chair isn't cutting it for me.  (Don't tell him I'm sitting in it blogging right now.)  So begins my mission to make this space a place I actually want to be in.  Maybe I should go make chocolate-chip cookies for Hubby to butter him up.....

White Couch:
Paint: Benjamin Moore Gossamer Blue
Mirror Picture:
Gray Couch:
Paint: Benjamin Moore Metropolitan
Pillows: Target