Friday, January 21, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

A little late, but.....


  • One of my students proclaiming, "My mommy makes milk from her chest for my baby brother.  Can you do that?"
  • Slipping on the wet floor walking into work, and looking up to see the creepy, old janitor (sorry, the stereotype rings true here) chuckling to himself.
  • People sitting around the "Teachers' Lounge" table where people place random goodies.  Someone tries some homemade caramel corn someone had put there and goes, "Yuck, that tastes burnt."  Then another co-worker grabbing the bag and mumbling, "Thanks," under her breath.
  • Coming home late from work to Hubby bustling around doing laundry AND dishes!  Be still my heart.
  • Hubby treating our 6 month anniversary like the most special day in the world.  Complete with mushy "I love you" 's and I'm so glad we're married Wifey. 
  • The above mentioned student telling me, I like your dress, and your hair, and your necklace.  You know, you just look pretty today Mrs. Curtis.  *Melt*
  • My puppies snuggling me when I was sick this week.


  1. I seriously died with that first awkward! HIL-ARIOUS! My cousin is a teacher and she has all kinds of funny kid moments. They bring her pieces of rock salt all the time and tell her they're crystals. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Britt! My family keeps telling me I should write a book. I definitely have some doozies this year.

  3. Being that I work with K-2nd graders, I'm pretty sure student conversations rock my world. I feel ya! Too funny.