Thursday, March 17, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

So....I'm a little embarrassed at how long it's been since I've posted.  Let's blame the following things:
pneumonia, bronchitis, moving my classroom in one day, sick husband, and Spring Break in Vegas.  Anyway, I'm Ba-ack.  With an Awkward & Awesome.


  • Waiting with my ultra-conservative grandma in the waiting room at the doctor's office, and her asking to borrow my magazine to read...Then looking over and seeing her staring at an article on "Kinky Sex"....yikes.
  • Calling my cell phone service Help Center during my bout with pneumonia and bronchitis and having them address me, "Hello, Mr. Curtis."  Thank you, I have a cold alright!
  • Letting my students out at the end of the day and being the only kindergarten teacher down there.  A parent of one of the other teachers' yelling, "Hey, didn't I see you at the casino last night?"  Um, no.  That was my sister...
  • Hubby getting yelled at on the plane to Vegas for using the "Flight Attendant Help Button" as a drink service button.
  • Going to Vegas with our bestest best couple friends.
  • Getting a BRAND NEW classroom in our school's new addition.
  • Taking the kids out to see the new classroom the last day before Spring Break, and seeing them dance around in the sunlight and act like it was the greatest day in their whole lives.  Nearly brought tears to my eyes how excited they were.
  • On the same visit to our "new home" one of my little nuggets saying, "OH, MY GOSH!  They left us white board spray!"
  • Finding out my sister is moving to the city I live in!  I have missed her so much since I went away to college, then she went away.  It will be so great to have her near me.