Thursday, February 3, 2011

Awkward & Awesome


  • One of my students describing how he pointed me out to his grandpa..."Yeah, I told him you were the one in the dress with that black line down the middle of your hair."  Thank you, now let me just go call the salon.  Yikes.
  • Whenever Hubby and I go through a drive-thru he orders and says, "We'll take that to go" just to embarrass me.
  • Going down an aisle in Target to get something, and someone is standing right in front of the exact thing that you need, so you wait patiently behind them...and wait...and wait..and then suddenly you're the creepy girl that's been looking over their shoulder for 12 minutes.  Sheesh I just need some deodorant, Lady.
  • One of my students leaving in the middle of the day during music class.  I went to make sure his mom had signed the sign-out sheet and under "Reason for singing out" she wrote, "Accident in pants."  Thank you.  "Ill" would have done it.
  • (This one is from Hubby) One of the guys he shares an office with walked in the other morning, unzipped his coat only to realize that all he was wearing under his winter coat was a reeally short, really thin white t-shirt.  He forgot to change after scooping the walk, or so he says.


  • Girl. Scout. Cookies.  Enough said. (Eee can't wait!)
  • Planning a Spring Break trip to Vegas with our best, bestest couple friends.  Jabbawockeez show included!
  • Even getting a Spring Break even as an adult
  • Snow days as an adult. (2 this week!)
  • Braving the cold and blizzard conditions to go to Target and walking smack-dab into the swimwear...which reminded me of our Spring Break trip.  
  • Watching American Idol with Hubby and having him sing with the contestants, then asking me to judge him.  "Where was I on a scale from Rihanna to Cooper (our dog)?"
And, an Awkward & Awesome photo for your viewing pleasure:

(Hubby was foolin' around during our pictures and I wanted to be D-O-N-E, so I gave him a little Love Slap Tap.)


  1. this is hilarious love it!!

  2. Cute picture!